The Sound of Musings – Live!

Sound of Musings – Live! are in-person events with the author of ‘The Sound of Musings’, Bryony Wood.

At these ‘Live!’ events, Bryony will be reading from her book and sharing stories from her own life. It will be both entertaining and encouraging and something for you to invite church members and friends along to. Be inspired by the adventures of the flibbertigibbet, nun-turned-governess as she discovers the life she was born to live. Make a moment to muse upon questions of life, love and faith. It’s honest, quirky, and quite a lot of fun… themed refreshments will be served…

Resources to help you plan your own ‘Sound of Musings – Live!’ event

Download a Planning Your Event Guide (PDF 40kb)

Download Printable Sound of Musing Bookmarks – 5 on a sheet (PDF 400kb)

These bookmarks can be printed onto card to promote the event/book. Or you could use them as event tickets by writing any relevant information on the back. I’d love to know what you think of them! Are they helpful? How will you use them? Bryony

Download A Sound of Musings Poster/Flyer (JPG 3MB)

Hopefully, you can print them in colour. The impact colour makes for posters is worth the extra expense over black and white, if possible!
There is space to add your own event details:
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Downloadable Tickets General – 3 on a sheet (PDF 240kb)

Tickets you can print and use. You can use Acrobat Reader (Windows) or Preview (Mac) to add text boxes to fill in the date, time and location information.

Do I need a License to show film clips? (PDF 30kb)

Please note it’s not essential to show a film clip for a ‘Sound of Musings Live!’ event, so don’t worry too much if you don’t have screens, etc. However, if you do have screens and we do show clips, this is what CCLI advises. (Information correct February 2023)

The Sound of Musings - Live! Poster

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