How to read and use this blog.

This is a Blog. Until recently, I didn’t really know what a blog was, or how to put one together, so if you’re also new to blogs then feel reassured! What I did know is, I have a lot of stories and ideas to share and passionate to find the best way of doing so.

So here you are! I combined my love of image and colour, story and audio to weave together a blog- which is really like an online magazine, free and available to everyone who has access to the internet. The vision behind it is to  offer a fresh look at faith with a healthy dose of humanity to encourage and inspire you in your walk with God. Much of what you’ll read is inspired by one of my favourite films, indeed one of the world’s most iconic and favourite films, ‘The Sound of Music’. I offer these reflections based on Maria’s adventures in a very unofficial capacity, trusting that all who love this film will read and receive them in that same unofficial capacity!

Exploring spiritual truth is at the heart our journey of life as human beings, It’s an adventure and one we are not designed to do alone.  I trust that this blog may be an extra encouragement for you along the way.

I suggest you think of this like a small library of books and articles to dip into hopefully even regularly. Along the line on the HOME page are categories for different ‘post feeds’. Each one has a slightly different emphasis like a different book on the shelf. You can ‘open’ these in any order.

Raindrops on Roses

Raindrops on Roses really stands at the heart of this blog, as we reflect upon scenes and themes, dialogue and lyrics from Maria’s life in the film ‘Sound of Music’ I will be adding new posts to this ‘feed’ a couple of times a week following Maria from opening credits to the closing titles. To follow the storyline, click ‘Lets Start At the Very Beginning’ and it will open as an introduction. Then click on ‘1. The Hills Are Alive‘ and away you go. Although each post does stand alone if you go out of sync for any reason.

OMG- Oh MY God! You did it again

It is not just Maria who has adventures with God! ‘OMG!’ has stories from my own adventures to show that like you, I am loved by a perfect and very patient God. Stories that I hope will reassure and inspire your in your own walk of faith. There’s no right or wrong order to these posts, just click on what takes your fancy.

Saint to Sinner

Saint to Sinner gives a starting point, a context for my own faith story and a little bit about my lifelong journey with Maria. They introduce the rest of the posts and it will make more sense if you read them in number order.

The Sound of Musings

I know its a corny title, so for a blog called The Sound of Musings there has to be an audio feed too. A literal sound of musings as well a read of musings. These are bite sized musings to listen to anytime, anywhere.

What’s next and how do I stay in touch?

There are other ideas and categories currently being developed so watch out as new ‘articles’ and posts appear regularly and refresh the site.

Blogs work best when people ‘follow’ them and engage with them to build up a following. Sharing’ this with friends is a good way to spread the message and increase the numbers of readers. This generates momentum and helps it become more visible on the web to be seen by more people. If you click on the blue boxes below you can share the site with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also click on the ’email me’ button on the home page to receive a weekly update of new posts including the latest ‘Raindrops on Roses’, Its an easy way to ensure you won’t miss out and of course you can opt out at any time. I promise your personal details are completely confidential and won’t ever be passed on or misused.

You can click on the ‘contact me’ boxes to email me and post your own stories and thoughts on the blog so that together we can share something of God’s amazing love.  

There no deliberately income stream to this blog; no donations page, no adverts, no sales pitch. This is offered as pure gift with no strings. I’m just passionate about sharing the good news of God’s love with a wider audience, so choosing to read this and share it is the best response I could ask for. Thank you!

Enough ‘intro chatter’ , let’s click and explore the site!