The Sound of Musings – Study Guide

Here is where you can find your own copy of the ‘Sound of Musings Study Guide’!

Having been a busy vicar, I understand the need for accessible, relevant resources to support discipleship and mission. That’s why I’ve developed the FREE ‘The Sound of Musings Study Guide’ for your own small groups.

Using this much-loved musical as inspiration, each of the six sessions looks at a much-loved song and scene to reflect upon different aspects of God’s love and our relationship with Him.

My hope is that this study guide will offer something accessible for those on the fringes of the church, as well as encourage those who are regulars to meet, ‘muse’ and pray together. It’s biblically based and quite a lot of fun- especially if you use the suggested clips from the film.

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How to get the FREE Study Guide

You can view the first chapter for free (PDF 300kb) and download the rest of the sessions which are FREE to use. All I ask is that you first register which church you are part of and how many people you plan to use this with and when. That just helps me keep track of the impact and spread of this resource.

My intention is to offer something to empower and encourage us all to think more about God’s love and take another step of faith; whether that’s our first one or our thousandth! 

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