Son Rise

Clockwork hamster in a wheel – constantly running, running.

Roller coaster, up up, higher, faster, faster still

Stop the world I want to get off.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop.

Got to go. Got to keep going.


If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well,

Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today,

 Silent screaming. 

Prove yourself. Be better, be the best


No such word as ‘can’t.’

Must keep going…

The spring relentlessly turning, tighter tighter.

Climbing up the glass mountain…slipping, sliding. 


Want to.. but how..?

One day…Unknown trigger…Run for cover. No choice.

Despair. Lock the world away. Cowering in a corner.

It hurts so much.

Oh GOD help me, find me. Hold my hand, pull me free.

The spring has sprung. The coil is broken.                            


Broken brain. Broken heart. Family shattered.

Not one step further, not one step more,

Ease the pain…Hold me Lord.

‘Help’,  is all I can say.

There’s a light. Shining through the mire.                  

Glimmering– is it the end of the tunnel?

Friends; throwing lifelines,  being anchors, some swaying with the wind.

Like a flower opening, slowly, petal by petal.

Stigma to the Light.                                        

Colours – cautious, carefully, unfolding, revealing bright, brittle beauty.

Turning to the sun. Bathing and relishing it’s warmth and light.

Turning to the SON, relishing His warmth and peace.

Restored, renewed. Replenished. Learning to live again. Slowly, surely.

Son worshiper. Light in that darkest place.

A heart filling,  fit to burst, Joy uncontainable, grace unbounded.

                 Peace immeasurable, knowledge steadfast,

                         The wheel has stopped, new life begins.