News Update!

Everything will be OK…

So after a heady start with this blog, a few weeks ago life took an unexpected turn and we at Edelweiss Towers hit a few major obstacles. An initial family crisis necessitating much support for precious people meant I was unable to spend as much time writing as before. Then that was then compounded by all of us contracting Covid. That wasn’t a pleasant experience but we are all on the road to recovery and thankfully we got off relatively lightly. It been an ‘interesting’ experience to become a statistic and part of a global pandemic. In the midst of all this however, the blessings have been plentiful and humbling. We are so grateful for the love and care of an extended church family and friends who shopped and cooked and cared for us during our crisis and illness. One day I’ll write more about what we’ve experienced and learnt!

Life throws curve balls and, to mix metaphors, it rarely rains but it pours! Yet in those times we have a choice. To rest in God’s love and trust him and turn those feelings of illness, pain and despair into prayer… or panic and become crippled with fear. It’s not easy and I don’t dismiss the depth of anxiety in such situations; but yet again in these last few weeks I have learnt afresh how God never ever, ever lets us down. HIs peace and strength, his love directed through the actions and care of friends and family prove yet again that he is faithful and that we never need to face anything alone or beyond our capability to cope.

We might not know how and when things will work out and in the middle of a mess it can be hard to see a way forward- but step by step and hand in hand with God there is always a way forward. To quote from the film The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ‘Everything will be ok in the end and if it’s not ok it’s not the end…’ which itself paraphrases the promises from Revelation 21: 1-7 when God and his people will be finally and completely united and in the full relationship that he always planned. Everything – personally, spiritually, eternally and universally, will definitely be okay in the end!

So what now? Well, I’m recovering from covid although feeling rather washed out so doing what wise people say and ‘listening to my body,’ eating well and resting as required. My thinking is a bit cluggy so I’ll wait awhile before trying to write anything coherent! This time is precious because I know I’m held in God’s love and when I’m zingy enough to write again I’ll be back at the keyboard. Hopefully that will be very soon, although future posts will probably be weekly rather than three times a week as they’ve been appearing before all this. Maria still has a lot to go through and we’ve got a lot to reflect on in The Sound of Musings. Until then I trust the existing posts continue to inspire and offer you something to work through until we’re ready for the next chapter.

Until then thank you for being part of this online community of lovely people who, be blessed my friend

Love Bryony

…and yes that’s my mug and much used tea pot in the pic!