This Christmas I was given the most precious gift by my nine year old granddaughter Sophia. She’d had some free time at school and in that opportunity had chosen to sit and write something that she said just came to her. Having shown it to her mum they both decided I would like it as a gift.

They were right. I do like it… A lot! It arrived on Christmas Day framed and gift wrapped and as they all expected- it brought tears to my eyes as I read it.

In the middle of this dark January; in the middle of lockdown with all its frustrations and fears, limitations and loss I want to share this with you.

The text she gave me was written in glorious multicolour and set out in a most creative way. Below is a simpler text but worded exactly as she wrote last month. This insight of a nine year old mirrors the faith that Jesus commends us all to seek – that of a child. May these words bring you the joy it gives me and may it shine a light for you in this season.

Thank you Sophia, and thank you Jesus!


When I feel warmth in my heart I have one question in my head, can it be him? I already know the answer is yes. I feel my sins and fears are fleeing away from me, or without a doubt, it’s almost like he kindly told them to run away, or he’s turned them into aspirations.

I can already know he’s forgiven me. But sometimes I don’t even need to say sorry to him, THAT’S how amazing he is.

He can be Perfect!!
He can be Astonishing!!

He can be Great!!

But there is no word good enough to say how



Powerful     HE IS

I can’t decide if he is great or more. What he is more, more than more, I’ve decided he is my forever friend. I’ve already decided you can never learn too much about him. No-one knows what he looks like. But his book explains, his book paints an image like a hologram. It answers all our questions; it gives us all the advice we need. There is no person better. He is HUMBLE, KIND, POWERFUL, NO WORD CAN EXPLAIN HIM IN; FORGIVING. No.1


The photo above is a copyright free stock image and not of Sophia- She might be ready for international fame one day – but not just yet!

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