4 thoughts on “Be More Dog”

  1. Bryony!! I’ve just dIscoVered this!! Its great to hear your voice! I love this one! My Moto at the moment being, ‘the joy of the lord is my strength!!’
    I will be Back to listen to more!
    Nicky xx

    • Thank you Nicky and Really appreciate your encouragement, especially as its all so new!

  2. Oh love this. Can definitely relate as we have another westie now and she is very much the same! Can learn big lessons from them xx

    • Its funny that since I wrote that’Sounds’ piece its been rubbish weather so I’m a lot less enthusiastic about going out in the rain, which also reminds me of how some dogs have to be literally dragged along when they are tired and wet- that I can definitely relate to! Really appreciate your comment and sending tail wags to your little dog!

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