Why have I written a devotional book inspired by The Sound of Music?


'The Sound Of Musings' is becoming a book!

‘Woman Alive’ website recently added a new post- by me! The title of which will explain all!

They asked me to write why I have written a book called ‘The Sound of Musings’ – because yes, what started as a blog on this site is now becoming a real book!

The Sound of Musings, follows Maria’s journey through the iconic film, ‘The Sound of Music’ as she seeks to discover God’s will for her life. It’s a gentle, entertaining and accessible book that explores life, love and faith through the eyes of everyone’s favourite postulant nun turned governess.

Read the full article on Woman Alive’s blog…

Watch this space for more news about my new book The Sound of Musings, published by Instant Apostle as we move towards Publication Day on 19th May 2023.

[Image Credit: The Sound of Music]

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